Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome to my Art of Caricature blog

I've always been amazed by artists and illustrators who can find the time to start and maintain a blog. I'm usually too busy drawing. But there are many things I would like to comment about that I hope may prove helpful to supporting the art forms I love and care about. Caricaturing, political cartooning and political theater are the art forms that rank as the top three that matter to me and that I feel I can contribute the most to, not only as a practitioner, but as a commentator, as well.
Unlike many blogs by artists, I do not intend to simply use this as an advertising vehicle or an online portfolio or diary in which I show what I worked on that week or that day. In fact, while I hope to find a chance to put up a few examples of my work, I will more likely use most of these to raise issues and to show what I mean than to simply show work.
Entries here may be rather scarce or sporadic. If you are interested in caricature as an art form, please check in from time to time and contribute.